The PnP Office 365 starter intranet solution is now available!

The PnP Office 365 starter intranet solution is now available!

Intranet projects shouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel every time for basic features (like navigation or multilingualism).
The PnP Office 365 starter intranet solution aims to provide the fundamental building blocks of a common publishing intranet solution with SharePoint Online/Office 365 through a lightweight client side solution and using the latest web stack development tools and frameworks.

From a functional point of view, here is what you get with this example:

  • A basic page creation experience with common layouts for static page, home page and news.
  • Common intranet navigation menus like main menu, header links, footer, contextual menu and breadcrumb based on taxonomy.
  • A basic translation system for multilingual sites (pages and UI).
  • A search experience including results with preview.
  • A mobile compatible intranet within SharePoint Online using responsive design.
  • Basically, a free intranet for your organization 😉

From a technical point of view, you get:

  • A fully client-side solution using the latest web stack developments tools and frameworks like Webpack and TypeScript.
  • A customizable solution allowing you to integrate your own components
  • A solution compatible with the upcoming SharePoint framework.

This example is extracted from a real world project so it have been deployed in a real company and for a real business scenario. The whole project is available on the PnP GiHub repository:

To install the solution, just read the file and follow the instructions.

A blog series is also available to explain how I did this solution in details:


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