A new version available for the PnP Starter Intranet

A new version available for the PnP Starter Intranet

A promised few months ago, a brand-new version (2.0.0) of the PnP Starter Intranet solution is available in the PnP Github repository. This version is very special because it is directly extracted from a real project of one of my clients who gracefully accepted to share its design with the SharePoint community.

Update (01/04/2018): The complete features list for the PnP Starter Intranet is now available here.

As usual, this solution is open source and totally free of use. The difference is it comes now with an official and optional documentation (with an additional fee) to help you to use and maintain this solution.

Solution documentation (optional)

A complete and optional documentation is available along this solution with an additional fee. It includes:

  • A French or English version with free updates following the latest version of the solution
  • A complete development guide (about 100 pages) on how to maintain and customize this solution (add a new language, create a new component, etc.)
  • A complete user guide (about 40 pages) on how to use this solution from a contributor point of view (create content, manage navigation, etc.)




If you think this is expensive, think about the daily cost of a SharePoint expert consultant or the business value you get with this solution. Just a matter a perspective ;).

The complete description of the solution is available here: https://github.com/SharePoint/PnP/tree/master/Solutions/Business.StarterIntranet

Thank you for using the PnP Starter Intranet!

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